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Samsung Gear S
Samsung Gear S

Gadget keluaran Samsung dengan produk bernama Gear S memiliki layar yang melengkung dengan gaya jam tangan pintar dimana layar cembung menghiasinya. Sayangnya, samsung Gear S ini dirancang untuk orang yang memiliki lingkar tangan besar, namun untuk tampilan layar tak perlu diragukan lagi karena terlihat tajam dan resolusi warna yang mengagumkan. Anda juga dapat memasukkan teks lewat keyboard di layar ini. Jika menelisik design, maka akan terlihat tebal untuk ukuran normal jam tangan, karena menyimpan baterai yang lumayan besar dan slot kartu SIM di bawahnya. 

Uniknya tali jam ini bisa diganti sesuai keinginan, jadi bisa bergaya deh dengan jam pintar ini. Ada satu tombol fisik di bawah layar yang akan berguna dalam mengaktifkan jam tangan, ada mikrofon di sisi kiri untuk melakukan panggilan dan perintah suara, sedangkan keluaran suara ada di sebelah kanan dengan disematkan speaker imut. Tak hanya itu, dengan jam pintar ini Anda juga dapat memainkan alunan musik dengan suara yang dihasilkan jernih dan lantang.  Jam pintar ini telah mengantongi sertifikat IP67 dimana akan aman digunakan saat berenang selama 30 menit dengan kedalaman 1 meter.

Menyematkan SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual-core 1GHz ini mampu menjalankan aplikasi dengan mulus tanpa hambatan. Anda dapat melakukan panggilan suara dengan disematkannya slot kartu SIM layaknya inspector Gadget atau Dick Tracy yang melakukan panggilan dengan jam pintar ini. Tersedia akses untuk aplikasi S-Health yang akan menghitung jumlah langkah, detak jantung, lokasi, dan tingkat ultraviolet di sekeliling Anda melalui jam mungil ini. Dengan demikian, Anda bisa tampil trendy dengan menggunakan jam tangan ini selama Anda dapat melakukan aktivitas olahraga. Sayangnya smartwatch ini membutuhkan support dari banyak aplikasi dengan smartphone yang telah dihubungkan.
  1. Layar tajam dan responsif
  2. Kinerja baik
  3. Speaker internal jernih dan cukup lantang
  4. Baterai tahan lama
  5. Bisa disematkan kartu SIM untuk melakukan panggilan
  6.  Layar lengkung relatif menyulitkan
  7. Pilihan tali terbatas
  8. Aplikasi pendukung masih dalam jumlah sedikit
  9. Harga relatif mahal

Victor Frankenstein Movie Review


  • James McAvoy as Victor Frankenstein
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Igor
  • Jessica Brown Findlay as Lorelei
  • Andrew Scott as Roderick Turpin
  • Freddie Fox as Finnegan
  • Charles Dance as Doctor Frankenstein
  • Mark Gatiss as Dettweiler
  • Callum Turner as Alistair

Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

This is the task Victor Frankenstein has set for itself because it introduces U.S.A. to a unfree and abused hunchback (Daniel Radcliffe) whose life is reworked once a mad doctor (James McAvoy) rescues him, offers him purpose and for the primary time a reputation – Igor. the maximum amount mythical being as Frankenstein tale, this new iteration of the Victorian classic desires to seem into the doctor’s liking for making things and throwing them away and why he will thus, instead of tell simply another monster story.

And if that’s the picture director Paul McGuigan (“Sherlock”) had created, it might be lots higher than what we tend to truly get.

Igor himself isn't just a few random hunchback – because it seems, he’s not even a hunchback – however, a prodigy UN agency has managed to show himself high levels of medication with none of the societal-based morals and mores commonly hooked up, creating him an ideal partner once Frankenstein has mounted him up some.

The idea is to interpret and reconstruct Frankenstein as a personality and a story, however, author Georgia home boy Landis (Chronicle) has determined to try and do this through the point of view of Igor rather than Frankenstein himself, which implies considerably dynamic Igor because the prototypal accessory and he’s not in any respect suited to carrying that kind of weight. [He’s thus prototypal he doesn’t exist within the original book or perhaps as Igor within the original James Whale film and, however, he remains indiscrete from the myth].

And that, as so much because it goes, isn't a foul idea; stretching the bounds of disbelief definitely however some extent of read character UN agency slavers and says ‘Yes, Master’ all the time won’t do, either. It unveils the thought that Frankenstein’s fixation is truly a mythical being advanced taken to ridiculous extremes instead of some (now well-worn) struggle within the fight between science and faith. a plan that is born as before long as Igor combs his hair for the primary time and is rarely touched once more.

The necessary issue to recollect in an exceedingly philosophical theory is that it initial needs a deep understanding of however and why initial|the initial} version worked within the first place. There area unit definitely glimpses of this, notably at intervals Frankenstein himself. McAvoy is tired with the doctor’s bipolar mood swings, virtually swinging from the rafters once explaining to all or any UN agency can sadly listen that within the future youngsters are impregnated in buckets.

And he's even as effective within the quieter moments, taking within the brutal disappointment of his father (Dance) or explaining the lasting psychic harm of his older brothers’ death. He conjointly fits the most effective into Eve Stewart’s busy production style – the sole space of the film to with success integrate the clammy Victorianism and grotesque science fantasy McGuigan goes for.

Unfortunately, glimpses of a far better picture are all Victor Frankenstein offers and few of these, notably once the intuitive and super, super, super spiritual Inspector Turpin (Scott) seems to undertake and arrest the pair for twelve counts of breaking the laws of nature.

It’s at now that it becomes clear the filmmakers aren’t positive what ought to be jettisoned and what ought to be stressed as, when defrayment most time taking its items apart, Frankenstein is restore along nearly precisely the approach it absolutely was before. whereas themes area unit left unchanged, characterization is basically untouched, notably for Igor UN agency has had all of his foibles removed so as to show him into a bland romantic lead as he balances making a person from spare components with attractive the swing creative person (Brown Findlay) he’s forever had a crush on.

It is precisely as generic because it sounds and worse introduces gratuitous confusion into a plot already laden with it once Frankenstein leaves Igor and his science lab behind once their mysterious helper (Fox) helps him take flight from Turpin’s crusade. as a result of the story is targeted entirely on the start to the fateful lightning strike instead of its outcome, it doesn't have access to its traditional protagonist/antagonist structure with the filmmakers indiscriminately throwing new concepts at the wall to examine which can stick.

It’s chaotic at the best and an extended amount wherever Igor leaves Frankenstein behind to hole up together with his gymnastic love interest and rethink whether or not building an individual out of flesh components could be a smart plan or not offers none of the reflexion it looks to need. Instead, it solely makes the film’s deficiencies additional obvious – that once the underlying philosophical theory doesn’t work, not all the kings horses or men are able to place it back along.

Yes, it might be simple to put in writing off McGuigan and Landis’ work as a simple pitfall to avoid, however the fact is working out however well you recognize a given story whereas taking it apart is supremely troublesome. It’s a tangle not helped by the very fact that taking advantage of the protection of a illustrious property whereas making one thing new and completely different out of it area unit opposing goals that area unit onerous to reconcile.

When it goes wrong you get one thing like … well, you get one thing like Victor Frankenstein. Still, in their approach these experiments have their use, making a rare road sign for ensuing author UN agency makes an attempt identical trek that this direction isn't the road they need.

The Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter
The Last Witch Hunter 
  • Vin Diesel as Kaulder
  • Rose Leslie as Chloe
  • Elijah Wood as Dolan 37th
  • Ólafur Darri Olafsson as Belial
  • Rena Owen as Glaeser
  • Julie Engelbrecht as the Witch Queen
  • Michael Caine as Dolan 36th


Introducing new and exciting fantasy requires juggling two competing imperatives, both necessary and useful to others. On the one hand they have to perform the most basic functions of all successful fiction - creating compelling characters audiences will identify with. Characters such as the mysterious Kaulder (Vin Diesel), a 800-year-old man related to the existential burden of immortality by focusing on the job - in the case of hunting down and killing witches.

There is a lot of ground to be covered by mining the inner life of a person who looked at the innate human experience from the perspective of foreign (and The Last witch Hunter is the best when he did it), but this movie has hands too full for it. Because it is also a story of urban fantasy with magic and monsters and mythology, he had to spend considerable time building the world Kaulder and his friends live in and that they comply with the rules.

Theoretically, there is no reason why this imperative must compete at all, but the fact is a film has a limited time frame in which to convey all the information necessary to understand it. This encourages efficiency storytelling, character element attaching importance to import the concept of development of the world so that both can be introduced together, which is a good idea when it works and bad when it does not.

And it does not work here as it is clear from the first voice over from the old Kaulder helper Dolan (Caine) explains the rules of the secret world of magic they both police that the film does not have time to show because of an act that is open extended. Lack of cohesion in action, characters and stories are the most consistent feature wizard dialog Hunter so most characters' fully exposition describes some new ideas in the rules of the world without any emotional connection to it.

They were not helped by the fact that many witches Hunter is a fantastic cop procedural, requiring a steady diet alone exposition information to keep moving forward, as Kaulder pulling out all the stops to find a person who appears to have killed his old friend.

Diesel himself immune to many of the problems that he can sprinkle a statement about how magic works with a strange deep reflections on the very human nature of evil. It's about as close to the characterization as a witch Hunter gets, though it was hindered by the inability to engage with the past is extended due Kaulder directly linked to the mystery of his attack.

Seek guidance from the first meeting with the witch Queen bed (Engelbrecht), Kaulder track a Dreamwalker (Leslie), a magician who specializes in entering the minds of others and looking inside. In the hands of what should be a movie writer at most a one-sentence explanation of the essence of the character, his dark secret that when exposed to mean anything to the audience because ordinary people do not have personal experience with being Dreamwalkers.

The rest of the players in very much the same boat trying to make a material that affects the sound, but the characters are what they do and nothing else that makes them the channel for the plot and nothing else.

If the ideas behind the world interesting enough, either unique or very primal, they can make up for their shortcomings or at least hide them during the initial appearance. But they did not. It is a secret world of magic and magic users lie just beneath the everyday Manhattan with the board makes the rules and sort of helping hand of the Catholic Church: no one involved seems to be interested in stretching the parameters set urban fantasy.

It is also the world feels empty; few people in a given scene but Diesel and one or two other actors. This increases the unreality of the world witch Hunter while reducing the scale - it's hard to be epic when there were only three or four people around at any given time.

Nor is the set pieces themselves, what few there are, are very impressive. Sometimes merge into the world and building a decent blend of action, especially in the first meeting with a witch Belial (Olafsson) at Dream Bar, but such moments that other action over before it begins.

The only exception is the final extended as Kaulder excavate ancient Witch prison to confront his ancient enemy once and for all. Set in the caverns under the church's headquarters in which prisoners are kept Kaulder it was dark and dank finale in which little can be seen and what can not seem feasible, filled with some of the weakest films visual effects and wire work.

The Last Witch Hunter is not terrible by imagination and there are times when addressing the worst instincts to give a glimpse of the film filmmaker who might try to make. Diesel can hold the screen and he is totally comfortable with the outlook Kaulder information about urbanity and competence and humanism strange. 

But there is a balance that must be found to make one of these things work, or lacking that at least one of the elements of fantasy or character should shine. When the two sides failed (the case as more and more fantasy brought to the screen), the basic framework of the story is clearly at odds with itself, and not all charismatic actors in the world will keep the result of feeling like it lasts forever.

Goosebumps Movie Review

Genre : Keluarga, Horor
Tanggal Rilis Perdana : 16 Oktober 2015
MPAA Rating : Bimbingan Ortu
Studio : Columbia Pictures 

Cast Goosebumps:

  • Jack Black sebagai R.L. Stine
  • Dylan Minnette sebagai Zach Cooper
  • Ryan Lee sebagai Champ
  • Odeya Rush sebagai Hannah Stine
  • Amy Ryan sebagai Zach Ibu
  • Ken Marino sebagai Pelatih Carr
  • Jillian Bell sebagai Bibi Zach
  • Kumail Nanjiani sebagai Foreman
  • Timothy Simons sebagai Sheriff
  • Ella Wahlestedt sebagai Anna
  • Karan Soni sebagai Mr Rooney
  • Amanda Lund sebagai Pejabat Brooks
  • Steven Krueger sebagai Davidson
  • Halston Sage

Disutradarai oleh Rob Letterman

Sebuah cerita yang menyenangkan  yang menggabungkan antara humor dan horor membuat Goosebumps cocok untuk semua umur.
Goosebumps Movie Review
Goosebumps Movie Review


Ketika Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) dan ibunya pindah ke Greendale, Maryland, ia menemukan dirinya harus menyesuaikan diri dengan situasi baru. pasa saat hari pertamanya di SMA-nya di mana ibunya adalah kepala sekolah baru. Dia berteman dengan seorang kutu buku sekolah yang bernama "Champ." Dan dia bertemu dengan putri dari tetangganya yang tertutup dan misterius bernama Hannah (Odeya Rush).

Semakin lama Zach semakin dekat dengan Hannah, ayahnya R. L. Stine (Jack Black) yang tidak menyukai kedekatan mereka menjadi lebih dan lebih keras menentang mereka bergaul dengan satu sama lain.ayah hanna berprofesi sebagai penulis buku horor "Goosebumps" dan R. L Stine mengurung monster-monster di dunia nyata kedalam buku tulisannya. suatu ketika zach menyelinap masuk ke rumah Hanna dan ia menemukan koleksi yang tidak biasa dari buku yang berubah menjadi naskah untuk asli "Goosebumps" novel yang ditulis oleh RL Stine. Tapi ketika Zach dan temannya Champ sengaja membuka salah satu buku, ternyata setelah dibuka mereka mendapatkan ketakutan yang paling menakutkan dalah kehidupan mereka.

Rainbow manga Review


Rainbow berkisah tentang enam anak di bawah umur (16 - 17 tahun) yang bernama Joe, Mario, Suppon, Baremoto, Heitai, dan Kyabetsu yang dimasukkan ke dalam penjara atas pelanggaran hukum  seperti penyerangan, penipuan, membuat keributan, dll.
Penjara tersebut di akomodasi oleh dokter pedofil tua yang gemar mensodomi para tahan, mereka ditempatkan di bawah pengawasan para sipir yang despotik dan brutal. 
Mereka berenam satu sel dengan Sakuragi (dipanggil Anchan), ketegangan diantara mereka bermula ketika mereka baru masuk ke dalam sel tahanan kemudian sebuah perkelahian terjadi diantar mereka (lebih tepatnya satu orang melawan enam orang) dan enam tahanan berhasil dikalahkan oleh Sakuragi (dipanggil Anchan) yang sangat berbakat dalam dunia tinju, dari perkelahian yang terjadi ini membuat ketujuh orang yang hidup didalam satu sel tersebut semakin dekat dalam menjalani kerasnya siksaan dan kehidupan selama menjalani masa tahan.
Cerita tidak hanya tentang kehidupan dari tujuh karakter ini dalam menjalani keras dan getirnya masa tahanan, tetapi juga KEBINGUNGAN mereka karena penolakan oleh dunia luar. garis besar dari komik Ini adalah tentang persahabatan yang luar biasa dan tak terkalahkan diantara mereka.